Wednesday, 23 October 2013

invitations to events:

Andre Slob, participant of Naturegraffix vol.3 is taking part of group exposition, comic artists in Almere-Haven (Netherlands), in cultural centre BG-105 ( The opening was on 18 january. Visible on saturdays till 8th of March.

ReKult, (organising DIY comic jams) is inviting everyone to draw zines!
Next event: STREETS Festival in The Hague!, 16 november 2013, Pip Den Haag,
Binckhorstlaan 36. More information: 

Comixiade (the book where was first published a story "They did not have any cash" by Marketa Haijska and Ola Szmida) is having presentation in Amsterdam, 3 november 2013, 14.00. The ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam Sunday, November 3rd - 14:00 to 17:00 

Ad Wijgergangs, (the one who made "kijkkastjes" voor last and the next Naturegraffix)  has soon opening of his next exposition! "Tekenend ben ik". Invitation in attachment. Congratulations!