Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Naturegraffix vol.4 out there!
All issues for free online reading and downloading.

Journal vol. 4 topic: urban errors. 70 pages, 22 creators from all over the world. Graphic novels, comics, photos and interviews by: Brecht Vandenbroucke, Chrysope, Katwoz, Flx Dkat, Gita Balzekaite, Egle Vitkute, Karl Erik Talvet, Doue Jan Schrale, Roberta Vazquez, Okeiko, Traperart, Boris Pramatarov, Maija Liduma, Peter Bonte, Jeroen Funke, Lotte Mens, Sheree, Kathrin Jebsen- Marwedel, Renkske Visser, Maarja Jullinen, Liisa Kruusamägi. Cover art by Suicide prevention.

Get your print copy via:

The current theme of the journal is "urban errors". The choice of this theme is inspired by facts: according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 54% of the world human population has already moved to urban areas. This amount has doubled since the 60's and is still growing. More info about urbanisation:

Friday, 30 May 2014

Workshop, drawing comics on topic of ecology, Leiden, 28 juni 2014

Workshop by local artists. Music DJ: Cepalophoid.
Event begins 14.00- 17.00
Materials on location.

Exposition inTallinn, Peapealse library plus workshop.

3 juni- 1 juli 2014 Exposition of childrencomics in a library Peapealse, Tallinn, Pinna 2.
Stories by Terje Henk, Maia Liduma, Kleine Hex.

1 juni, 14.00 workshop of comicdrawing for kids. Tallinn Zoo. Event: Day of protecting children. "Lastekaitsepäev." Workshop by Karl Erik Talvet and co.

Poster and invitation of event:

Photoarchive, Exposition, Het Volkshuis Leiden:

On the opening of exposition, Het Vokshuis, Leiden, Apothekersdijk, duo: Lama Waaien and Tody Dubshot. Guest-poet: Doue Jan Schrale. Photos: Eelco Slierendrecht.
Event on facebook:

Exposition included selection of artworks, already published in a journal:
(Naturegraffix vol.1, Naturegraffix vol.2, Naturegraffix vol.3):

1. „Soviet military pollution in a Baltic sea“ Endrju
2. Philip Janta „Dangerous places“
3. „Pigasus“ Dace Sietina
4. „Hunger drives the beast out of the wood“ Phillip Janta
5. „Shhh!“ Jason
6. „Wild east“ Elina Sildre
7. „Day of migratory birds“ Ruta Briede
8. „The story of ecology“ Kristofers Reidzands
9. „Smog“ Zilasaule
10. Scheerleader“ Virginia Mori
11. „Nature“ Jon McNair
12. „Nature“ Douwe Jan Schrale
13. „Post-its“ on topic of ecology door „Tekstiloom“
14. „Kitchen-filosophy“ een illustratie voor een flyer van
15. „Kijkkastjes“ Ad Wijgergangs
16. „How to find a witch“ Nele Brönner
17. „Time is mad“ Kristel Maamägi
18.Straatkunst door „Art is Trash“, photo: Claude Crommelin
19. „Wires“ Nele Brönner
20.Episode van hun boek „Mosquitoes“ Bart Nijstad
21.„Landscapes“ Vera Verseput
22. „Modern Jungle“ Anna Krzton
23. „To nature“ Karl Erik Talvet
24. „Urban story“ Andre Slob
25. „Victor and Vischnu“ Jeroen Funke
26.„Nature“ Chrysope
27. „Urban errors“ Trape Art
28.„Man and a biosphere“ by Martin Zutis
29.„Growth“ by Jonas Sildre
30.„Bear and the babysitter“ Markko Turunen

Monday, 17 February 2014


23 may 2014, 14.00 exposition opening, workshop "Draw your own ecology comic" and small concert by Lama Waaien and friends in "Het Leidse Volkshuis" Apothekersdijk 33/A, Leiden, Netherlands. Works of exposition are selextion of artworks published in a journal "Naturegraffix"

For online reading:

Naturegraffix vol.3 is a content from 24 artists:
Jillian Fleck
Mark P. Hensel
André Slob

Claude Crommelin
Samuli Rooman
Ted Srüwer
Vera Verseput
Brecht Vandenbroucke
Anna Krzton
Jessi Zabarsky
Jeroen Funke
Carl Krull
Ad Wijgergangs
Elias Ericson
Josh Burggraf
Gerda Märtens
Nele Brönner
Keren Rozen
Jeroen Funke
Jon Macnair
Trape art
Douwe Jan Schrale and Peter Bonte etc...
cover art: tribute to Floh and Endrju 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

invitations to events:

Andre Slob, participant of Naturegraffix vol.3 is taking part of group exposition, comic artists in Almere-Haven (Netherlands), in cultural centre BG-105 ( The opening was on 18 january. Visible on saturdays till 8th of March.

ReKult, (organising DIY comic jams) is inviting everyone to draw zines!
Next event: STREETS Festival in The Hague!, 16 november 2013, Pip Den Haag,
Binckhorstlaan 36. More information: 

Comixiade (the book where was first published a story "They did not have any cash" by Marketa Haijska and Ola Szmida) is having presentation in Amsterdam, 3 november 2013, 14.00. The ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam Sunday, November 3rd - 14:00 to 17:00 

Ad Wijgergangs, (the one who made "kijkkastjes" voor last and the next Naturegraffix)  has soon opening of his next exposition! "Tekenend ben ik". Invitation in attachment. Congratulations!